Why join

At One Dream Community, our employees are the heart of everything that we do.
Our top priority is to ensure that our employees have a safe and enjoyable working environment.

We respect the diverse cultures and values of all employees, offer consistent training and monitoring, and always strive to respond in a timely manner to prevent any risks, incidents, or complaints.

Steps to applying as a Support Worker

1. Click our Support Worker registration website on www.caretok24.com

2. Click Register to start the registration process.

3. Click ‘I am a Supporter‘ and start filling in the required details.
* Please note that the User ID must be a valid email address that you can receive emails.

4. After completing all the required fields, you will see the login page again.

5. You will get a verification email to the entered email address.

6. Verify by clicking on ‘Confirm email now

7. When verification is completed, you will be redirected to the Welcome page.

8. Click Log In and enter your login details.

9. Go to your Profile and start completing the fields that are required.

10. Attach all the required documents.

Please contact hr@onedreamcommunity.com.au to submit any enquiries you have,
or questions about ‘Registering as a Support Coordinator’ or ‘Registering as a Service Provider’ (not individual workers).